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Financial District IV by nick.gerber on Flickr.

crazydean秋天的山地門, 2012


秋天的山地門, 2012

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im observing the trends of the nature bloggers right now and it seems like pictures that are darkened but with a bright colored light contrasting the darkness. a lot of urban scenes with this effect. and vertical pictures are a thing of the past for the most part. breaking away from the strict vertical rule after following so long is a great way to reinvent your blog to keep your followers on their toes and have them contemplate their follower status but you as a high-end blogger do not care about the potential loss in followers because achieving an edgy new aesthetic is all that matters.

you know how jesus people are always saying

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my friend that i dont really talk to anymore just posted this video on facebook of like some guy talking about a middle eastern terrorist group being like a new breed of people that the devil literally created and how jesus is coming back very soon and how obama is part of this and like all these fast flashes of conspiracy images and stuff and what i want to know is does this give me permission to unfriend her and never talk to her again??

Omg the cute kid in my last class started talking to me a bit just now and that was cute

This boy next to me seems like a nice kid but his breath is sooo bad :/
He wants to be a chemical engineer in South Africa


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