going to get food then finally have time to sit down and do nothing

how wonderful,

He’s so tall Jesus Christ I hate life

oooomg the guy I have a crush in came how fun


I haaaaate when rolling kids tell me to dance more or get more into like I know they’re just trying to share the moment but it’s annoying

Attractive tall skinny guy oooh boy :/

Also god bless shirtless rolling boys with A+ bodies


Anyways the music is really nice so tonight should be coooool

Hmmm kinda getting suspicious vibes from my friend right about now over something super dumb lol

yaaaay after work i went to eat with my mom and got pho, heard that my brother and his wife did some horrible/stupid stuff and my mom getting angry about which i LOVE because you know im not their biggest fan (well previously to what i heard tonight i liked the girl but kinda eh now), and now i think im going to go to the rave alone so toodles ♥